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A dental bridge is an excellent option for those who have multiple or a single missing tooth. Most importantly dental bridges are ideal for closing or bridging a gap in one’s smile. A dental bridge is comprised of false teeth that are held in place by two adjoining natural teeth that are attached to these teeth. The artificial teeth used with most dental bridges as are often made of porcelain. Porcelain is an ideal choice because it perfectly mimics the look and feel of natural teeth. There are several different types of bridges worth discussing.

With A Cantilever Dental Bridge Only One Natural Tooth Is Used

For example traditional dental bridges are comprised of false teeth or an individual false tooth that is held in place by dental crowns that are permanently attached to surrounding natural teeth. This is one of the most common types of dental bridges. In addition something known as a cantilever dental bridge is in many ways like a traditional bridge. However with a cantilever dental bridge only one natural tooth is used to hold the bridge firmly in place. A cantilever dental bridge is sometimes not the best option for an area of the mouth where high chewing forces are exerted. Another common bridge that is typically placed is something that is known as an implant supported bridge.

Suspend Multiple Teeth Between Two Implants

An implant-supported bridge uses a dental implant rather than crowns to secure artificial teeth. In most cases one implant is placed for every missing tooth. However, in other cases an implant may be used to create a bridge as a way to suspend multiple teeth between two implants. Dental bridges are excellent for restoring a smile and regaining oral functionality. A dental bridge is also a great way to help prevent remaining teeth from shifting or moving out of place. Talk with your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry today to learn more about dental bridges and how they can help you to improve your dental health.