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Dental Digital X-Ray Vs. Panoramic X-Ray

Dental Digital X-Ray Vs. Panoramic X-Ray

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Dental Digital X-Ray Vs. Panoramic X-Ray

Dental patients sometimes wonder what the difference is between digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays. Regardless of the type of x-rays being used in a dental setting, one thing is sure and that is that x-rays greatly enhance overall dental care. They do this by looking deep inside the tooth in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Digital dental x-rays are very similar to the older more traditional dental x-rays that use film. However, with digital radiography, all that is required is to insert a sensor into the patient’s mouth to capture images of a their teeth.

Higher-Quality Images

That is where the similarities stop when comparing digital x-rays and traditional x-rays. With digital radiography a digital sensor sends messages electronically to a computer. Once the x-ray image has been taken, it is then presented on a computer screen for the dentist and patient to view. Digital type dental x-rays are preferred because they produce less radiation and speed up a dental appointment. They also offer higher-quality images and make it easy to transfer dental records. With panoramic dental x-rays a single image is created of the patient’s entire mouth. This includes the upper and lower jaw and all teeth as well as the nasal area and even the sinuses. Panoramic digital dental x-rays are valuable because they show the entire mouth in one single picture.

The Imaging Machine Is Located Outside Of The Patient’s Mouth
The Imaging Machine Is Located Outside Of The Patient’s Mouth

This is an important type of digital technology in modern dentistry because it can detect problems such as abnormalities and fractures as well as impacted teeth and even infections or tumors. What makes panoramic dental x-rays so unique is that the imaging machine is located outside of the patient’s mouth. The system projects a beam into the patient’s mouth onto film that rotates on the opposite side of the x-ray tube. Today’s modern digital dentistry has advanced to such a degree that detecting problems in the earliest stages is easier now than it has ever been in the past. Talk with your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on digital dental x-rays and panoramic x-rays for better dental health.

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