General Dentistry

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General dentistry can be described as the type of dentistry that is routine and general in nature. In other words, general dentistry is different than specialized dentistry where a dental care provider works on a specific type of dental treatment. Endodontics is one example of specialist type dentistry. General dentistry focuses on preventative services that help to reduce the chances of dental disease. A general dentist will typically do regular exams and take x-rays. A general dentist will also provide professional teeth cleaning which is very important to disease prevention and good dental health overall.

Placing Crowns Or Providing Bridgework

In addition, a general dentist will often do restorative type dental work. This includes everything from removing tooth decay to placing a filling or dealing with dental trauma such as a broken, loosened or knocked out tooth. A general dental care provider may also offer treatment for everything from missing teeth to placing crowns or providing bridgework. This kind of dental care provider can even help a patient get fitted for dentures. General dentistry may also include certain types of cosmetic procedures such as whitening teeth or providing various cosmetic procedures. Porcelain veneers may be an option that your general dentistry provider can offer. Finally, general dentistry is most importantly focused on overall general dental health.

Advanced Technology And Modern Techniques

Everything from oral infections to dealing with crooked teeth may be addressed by your general dentistry professional. Keep in mind that all general dentists as well as specialist will typically have completed many years of education with an accredited dental school. Today’s modern dentistry combined with advanced technology and state-of-the-art techniques and procedures provide patients with the best possible care available. Talk with your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry today for more information on general dentistry and how it can help you to enjoy the best possible dental health and wellness at any age.