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How To Keep Teeth White Longer Following Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Teeth Whitening Treatment

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How To Keep Teeth White Longer Following Teeth Whitening Treatment

Taking the time and effort to whiten your teeth is rewarding in the fact that you will enjoy a more beautiful smile. That said there are some simple and effective ways of making teeth whitening treatment last longer. Whether teeth whitening is done at home or in a professional dental office setting, these simple strategies can help to keep your teeth white for the longest time possible. For example, one great way of reducing discoloration and tooth staining is to simply stay away from foods and drinks that are known to stain teeth. This is especially true when talking about coffee, tea and favorites like red wine. Some people choose to drink from a straw to avoid direct contact with these highly staining liquids.

Keep a Travel Toothbrush Handy

Equally effective is to simply rinse with water immediately following the consumption of either food or drink that is known to stain teeth. For example, right after finishing a cup of coffee or eating a bowl of berries it is best to rinse immediately with fresh clean water. As an alternative, brushing with the same urgency can be even more effective. Those traveling or on the go can even keep a travel toothbrush handy in their pocket or purse as a way to brush even when eating in a restaurant. Another important aspect of keeping your teeth white as long as possible following teeth whitening treatment is to avoid smoking or the use of tobacco products in general. Whether it is chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes or cigars, this is one of the fastest ways to turn teeth yellow.

Make Use of Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
Make Use of Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Kicking the habit with regard to tobacco not only keeps your teeth white longer but it also helps your general overall health. The negative effects of tobacco have been known for many decades and that is why kicking the habit is always a beneficial thing to do. Equally effective with regard to extending teeth whitening is to make use of whitening toothpaste. This kind of toothpaste is designed specifically to remove stains and can be very helpful in the effort to extend whitening treatment. Finally, having regular routine professional cleanings and whitening sessions with a dental care provider can help to greatly reduce staining of the teeth. Professional cleaning not only reduces staining but also removes stubborn plaque and tartar. Contact your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry today for more information on keeping your teeth white as long as possible.

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