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Nitrous Oxide And Dental Sedation Methods


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Nitrous Oxide And Dental Sedation Methods

Perhaps one of the best-known types of dental sedation methods is nitrous oxide inhalation. Nitrous oxide is unique in that it allows the patient to remain awake and aware while having a dental procedure performed. In the same respect, nitrous oxide puts the patient at ease and reduces the possibility of any potential pain. That said there are wide range of other types of conscious sedation and general anesthesia options available in dentistry today. When it comes to conscious sedation dentistry, inhalation of nitrous oxide is a good option while oral medication conscious sedation is also an option.

A Simple IV Where Sedation Medication Is Administered

With oral sedation the patient is provided with a sedative pill that is taken orally. In many cases oral sedation meds can be taken the night before or the same day of the treatment. Those opting for oral sedation should plan to have somebody drive them to their dental care provider’s office. Oral sedation is highly effective and is also a good option for those who are cost-conscious. In addition to oral sedation there is also the option for intravenous conscious sedation dentistry. This is accomplished through the use of a simple IV where sedation medication is provided at a metered rate. Intravenous sedation is unique in that it takes effect quickly allowing the dentist to control the intensity of sedation as required.

Nitrous Oxide And Dental Sedation Methods

General Anesthesia Is In Most Cases Administered By An Anesthesiologist

Finally, general anesthesia is sometimes required for those requiring major dental work or a major dental procedure. When an invasive dental procedure is necessary, general anesthesia is often the best choice. General anesthesia or deep sedation allows for the patient to be completely unconscious giving the dentist for control without concern for anxiety or pain related issues. General anesthesia is in most cases administered by an anesthesiologist, one that specializes in dental anesthesia. To learn more about nitrous oxide and other dental sedation methods in use today talk with your Elk Grove dentist, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry.

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