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Side Effects Of Periodontal Diseases As They Relate To Overall Health

Periodontal Diseases

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Side Effects Of Periodontal Diseases As They Relate To Overall Health

Taking care of your teeth offers more benefit than most people might imagine. As a matter of fact brushing and flossing on a regular basis can help to ward off far more diseases than only gum disease. Because the body is so interconnected, poor oral hygiene that results in cavities and gum disease can negatively affect the health of the entire body. For example, research and multiple studies have indicated that there is a solid correlation between periodontal diseases and diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease and a wide range of other health related problems.

A Main Contributor To Cardiovascular Disease

Indeed there is a strong association between periodontal disease and an increase in the risk of heart disease. Even in healthy individuals where no other disease is evident, periodontal disease can substantially increase the chances of heart disease. Much research points to gum disease as being a main contributor to cardiovascular disease. In addition, periodontal disease has been shown through further research to increase the risk of stroke. Studies have also pointed to stroke as being related to those with an increase in oral infection. Equally of concern is how gum disease can relate to diabetes. Scientific evidence shows that those with diabetes are likely to have some level of gum disease as compared to those who do not have diabetes.

Osteoporosis That Results In Bone Loss In The Jaw
Osteoporosis That Results In Bone Loss In The Jaw

Simply stated, diabetes makes it more likely that infections will be present. Osteoporosis that results in bone loss in the jaw and ultimately the loss of teeth may also be related to periodontal disease. While many studies and much research are not complete, the indications are clear that there is indeed a correlation between periodontal disease and overall health. Other related problems include everything from respiratory diseases to still undiscovered diseases that may be the result of gum disease or periodontitis. Talk with your dentist in Elk Grove, Dr. My Huynh at Laguna Park Dentistry for more information on the side effects of periodontal disease and how they relate to overall health.

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